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Family Garden Design

Family Garden Design Chiswick

This space had to become a family garden, complete with a generously-sized dining area, children’s section, vegetable patch and a lawn as generous as possible to allow for ball games.

Compartmentalizing the space into clear areas and using mainly plants to create the boundaries between the grown-up versus children sections has enabled to create a garden which is pleasing to the eye and can yet be enjoyed by the various members of the family at once.

The use of clean lines and the addition of a slatted trellis to screen the shed and composting area give the garden a contemporary touch, in keeping with the modern extension at te back of the house.

Finally, while the colour of the balau decking and fencing complements beautifully the colour scheme used inside the house, a warm and contrasting scheme of reds, turmeric and saffron was introduced for the planting.

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