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Peaceful Front Garden


The existing border had a lot of seasonal planting, which made the entrance to the house look desolate in the winter months. The clients wanted a strong backbone with some ‘sculptural’ elements, to tally with the style of planting we had used at the back.  Privacy from the road also needed attending.


Once we had attended to the privacy issue adding hedges along the road and East-facing boundary, the key challenge was to create a planting scheme that made sense of this unusually deep and wide border. We did so by creating a diagonal pattern with small evergreen shrubs, hence creating smaller beds for sculptural and seasonal planting.


The diagonal pattern was created with Pittosporum ‘Irene Patterson’ trained as round topiary and pink-flowering azaleas, both of which are evergreen with contrasting colour of foliages, which gives the front-garden a good backbone for winter months. A couple of Ilex trained as cloud trees were strategically placed to act as a focal point when one enters the house; these were planted at a slight angle to give the scheme more movement. The planting was completed with Bergenia ‘Sunningdale’ and Penstemon ‘Dark Towers’ for seasonal interest. We planted pink and white camellias along the street boundary as the client did not like the formal look of clipped hedges. These shrubs were sourced at a medium size to maximise their chances of settling well without any irrigation. 

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